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Being Nia-Cerise

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Nia-Cerise The Writer

In short; I was petrified and put it off for months, but the burden to begin writing for the Lord grew heavily on my shoulders as I spent more time in His presence. The Word says that the Lord makes your cup run over, it got to the point where I was completely overflowing with God’s love that I was no longer able to keep it within, I was riding a bike in Germany connecting to God’s glory through nature that I felt my heart expanding in my chest and I knew I had to be obedient and write.

Writing in that place of overflow felt like the words were just falling out of me effortlessly. I went from caring about what I would say to not being able to contain the words. The overflow carries freedom. Many people are writing to please the crowds, in the overflow you write to please the King. I would say this is why my writing has and shall always be so personal and transparent. When you’re in the overflow of God’s love, being transparent is easy because your approval is in Christ’s love rather than the world’s. I know that I’m approved by Him as I write, there is no hiding, I can stand in that place of vulnerability where I can lift my hands and speak about my passion, pain and personal flaws boldly. I can be a light because I don’t withhold any darkness. I’m filled by Him and therefore the enemy’s lies have no access. My first blog post was titled “When Jesus put a ring on it.” In the past I had been looking for so many yes’s from man and hunting for acceptance and love until I realised that there had been a proposal all along, Christ’s proposal of a covenant relationship that He had been offering me all this time and this blog post would explain this.

Nia-Cerise The Student

I see my student life as another opportunity to reach the lost, I may be a student by position but I’m a child of God by condition. I am there to spread the love of God and touch and impact as many lives as I can. There is no excuse, let His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Being in university is another opportunity to preach the Gospel. Lecturers will be prayed for, students will receive healing and the Gospel of Christ. “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” were the words of Paul. I shall not be ashamed in front of my peers, I shall not close my mouth and this can only be made possible through constantly communing with the King in order to carry the boldness He offers me. Nia-Cerise as the student should never stop me being Nia-Cerise as a child of God, I cannot afford for my studies to completely stop my fellowship with my Father, even if that means that I must get up earlier and spend time with Him. Today we live in a society where being a student makes you spiritually stagnant because it teaches you that you can’t do well in both and still thrive. This is a lie that the enemy is feeding many people and why many young people backslide in their walks because they fear their degree more than they fear God. Work is very important and must be taken seriously but so should God, He is a priority.

Nia-Cerise The Worshipper

Nia-Cerise as the worshipper starts on my knees where I reap my strength as I humble myself before God. Nia-Cerise as the worshipper begins when I sit and wait upon the Lord. I give Him my all when I pour myself out like oil before the Father in prayer and worship and open myself to Him to receive a fresh outpouring of His Holy Spirit. This time of intimacy is so important as it transcends the walls of my room and enables me to not only worship God in secret but everywhere I go in every aspect of my life. Our worship shouldn’t remain in the confines of our room's it should eventually become a reality that we live in 24/7. This can be cultivated through meditating on the Word throughout the day and allowing the character of Christ to live through you as you do selfless acts and live as a living sacrifice. To be a worshipper in my eyes is to not just sing, it is not just to commune with God, it is to also receive His character and reveal that to the world. As a worshipper, I connect in many ways with my Creator, I’m always discovering new ways to worship Him. I draw, I write poetry and most recently I discovered that I am called to worship Him through dance too. As worshippers, we all have oil to pour out but our oil has different fragrances, I don’t copy anyone’s worship, I find my own. I have cultivated my unique secret place of prayer and most importantly, I’ve learnt to guard it with all my heart. The enemy will do anything he can to stop God’s bride from pouring her expensive oil of worship onto the feet of Jesus, he will give any excuse to make you compromise your worship, but you only compromise your worship when it becomes more about you receiving something as opposed to really being all about Him.


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And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

- Mark 16:15

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