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Being Miss Shammah

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

Hey guys & girls! I am so honoured to be a part of this blog series by the lovely Dara and allow you into a little preview of who I am as a person. I enjoyed every single moment of this process and even shed tears as I just thought about some of the things I wrote and my journey into becoming who I am today. Be encouraged as you read the below and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you between the lines and beyond what I have physically written. Love Miss Shammah xxx

Miss Shammah The Daughter Of The Most High

This is my favourite part of who I am as a person because absolutely everything else I am & do stem from my identity in Jesus Christ and I wouldn't have it any other way. The secret to everything you perhaps may see, read and hear about me is found in this section right here. This is where it all started and continues to start. Here is the only place where eyebrows are not raised when I do not have it all together - in fact, I rarely ever do & He: God is perfectly alright with that because that leaves room for Him to be my everything and more (2 Corinthians 12:9). He wants to be your everything...

My journey with God has been one full of ups and downs but a beautiful journey nonetheless. I have heard Him speak, seen Him at work firsthand and been given the unshakeable assurance that my Daddy in Heaven is very much real. It took me years to realise, accept & embrace the fact that I was His daughter and not his employee, slave, foster child & everything else that speaks of distance, condition and immense fear instead of intimacy, acceptance & unconditional love. I can never earn His love & though I do not meet His conditions He accepts me anyway (Jeremiah 31:3). He accepts you too...

As His, I have learned that all He has ever wanted and continues to desire is my heart in its fullness and that the damages and unclean parts drew Him all the more to me. Who loves like this? How could I then not respond to such a love? Not as a one-day "heat of the moment" occurrence but as a daily, never-ending and continuous flow of gratitude that navigates my life until the day I get to see him face to face? And to respond is simple: Talking to Him everyday (prayer) openly and honestly & not the way a sideman is treated (as an emotional or physical emergency "need fixer"), Reading His love letter (The Bible) of guidance & strength that He wrote to me centuries before there was a sign that I would accept Him into my heart & life as Lord & Saviour. He didn't even remove my name from the addressee section when I deliberately lived a life that threw muddy water at what He did for me on the Cross. Instead, He kept my name in the "To" section until the day I would hopefully read it. Not only read it but live by it & allow it to change me so I'm not just a Daughter by title but a Daughter from the very depths of my heart (2 Corinthians 5:17). He can change you too...

Miss Shammah The Minister

I can confidently say that God never transforms anyone without a reason behind it. We call this reason: PURPOSE. The purpose is your assignment on this earth and the route that the Lord has chosen for you to take as a means of ensuring that more souls get to heaven. For me it is ministry, in its conventional sense: preaching the Word of God on and off the pulpit, leading worship, mentoring & discipling people (girls and young ladies in particular) and so forth. I say "conventional" sense because ministry is not restricted to the things I have just mentioned alone. God can use you to reach souls as a footballer, a makeup artist, a doctor, a hairdresser - ANYTHING. Just open your heart up to Him and ask Him to reveal what your specific assignment is to you (Jeremiah 33:3).

As a minister, I have the pleasure of visiting many different cities and churches across the UK and abroad talking about Jesus. Leading up to a ministration I like to take extra time out than usual to pray and seek the face of God in prayer and by studying His word about a particular place that I will have been invited to. To me, it makes no sense to go and speak to a people without speaking to the one who knows them best inside and out: Their Creator (Jeremiah 1:5). This way I can deliver a message from the heart of God and not my mind. Anything from the heart of God always heals, transforms, convicts, delivers and more. I also make sure that I fast as a way of humbling myself and allowing the Holy Spirit to deal with anything inside me that could be a hindrance to hearing clearly from Him.

Is it hard being a minister? At such a young age? Always being needed by people? Running an international girls ministry? Being admired, looked up to and imitated by some? YES and NO. If I start slacking on the time and moments I commune with God in word & prayer, singing Him worship songs, going for walks with Him, writing love letters to Him, sharing with my mentors and leaders accountably and living obediently - I find that my own abilities, reasonings and excuses start taking over and I begin to rely on my own strength which is LIMITED. I then find that I become snappy, selfish and unable to discern matters clearly whether I am asked for advice, or even in my personal life. But as long as I am keeping my eyes on Jesus - the same way that Peter did when He stepped out of the boat and began to walk towards Jesus then the answer is a big fat NO. God's strength, wisdom and power flows through me in an amazing humbling way (Isaiah 40:31). Whatever you're doing - do it with God!

Miss Shammah The Businesswoman

As much as I believe in slaying in the Spiritual Sense: Kingdom business, church, ministry and the like I also believe in the same level of success, excellence and influence in the "Physical" sense for lack of a better term. Why shouldn't the worlds of business, fashion, technology, cosmetics, sport and the rest have Christians at the forefront!? I recently self-published two journals/diaries for girls, young ladies & singles and it has been beautiful watching them sell in every continent on this earth in less than 6 months. I'm also the co-founder of a New Christian Clothing company called WALMAH Designs where we sell trendy, stylish faith - based clothing for Him, Her & Them. With God on my side, it will succeed. I spend my days writing letters, emails, making phone calls, trying to arrange deals, designing products from scratch, and looking for inspiration in absolutely everything my eyes sets themselves upon. There IS money to be made in this world and I believe in going out and getting it.I have always been business-minded but fear held me back for years. I found comfort in helping other people and watching them succeed and failed to take that leap that would also propel me onto the platforms and with the connections I now find myself encountering. It wouldn't be called FAITH if it was easy to do. You can be a spirit-filled achiever and winner! Go for your dreams! Sit down and make solid plans, do your research, openly ask for help and you will be surprised what being pro-active and consistent can bring your way. Do something with the little that you have and more will come your way. Even if others are already doing it - I have the mindset that says that I, Miss Shammah am different and nobody can do what I do, the way that I do it. Believe in yourself. Don't allow your dreams to gather dust on the shelf. You are the solution to other people's problems. Background, history, status, race is no hindrance (Philippians 4:13). Go for it!

Instagram: @handwritingofheaven

Twitter: @Miss_Shammah

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